Install Byobu on CentOS

Byobu is similar to Screen. It is popular in Ubuntu, to install Byobu on CentOS, we need to compile it from source. Download Byobu from:


Untar the file

tar xzf byobu*.tar.gz

Go to the byobu directory and install from source:

cd byobu-5.21
make install

To use byobu, type


Press F9 to show help menu:


  1. Hey, I just ran it and now when I type byobu, I only get this message:

    /usr/local/bin/byobu: line 162: /usr/bin/screen: Success

  2. Hi, I tried again on a new CentOS VM, I don’t have this problem. I have both screen and byobu installed.

  3. Hi, Nice blog about installing it on Cent OS. Thank you very much. It just makes life easier on the remote ssh connections.

    Thanks a lot!

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